DermaRite Releases New Interactive Catalog App

DermaRite Releases New Interactive Catalog App Designed To Help Caregivers Navigate The Ever-Expanding Wound Dressing Landscape

March 2, 2016 – DermaRite recently released its Interactive Wound Dressing Selection Guide, a unique interactive catalog app that allows users to input a series of wound characteristics that generates a list of DermaRite dressings appropriate for that presentation. Available for iPhone, iPad, and Android, the guide is great for on-the-job reference or simply to learn more about DermaRite’s wound dressings.

Prompted by the ongoing expansion of DermaRite’s wound dressings catalog, the app was designed to help caregivers narrow down their options. “Most wounds can be treated with any one of multiple dressing choices that we provide,” points out Dr. Holly Korzendorfer PT, PhD, CWS, FACCWS, DermaRite’s VP of Clinical Business Development. “The Dressing Selection Guide helps users by displaying a list of appropriate options in order to accommodate individual and institutional preferences.”

The app was developed to ensure that as many wound care scenarios as possible were addressed. “Our app will help caregivers navigate our growing wound dressings catalog, and in turn support them to provide better care for persons with wounds,” says Dr. Korzendorfer.

Designed as an educational resource tool, the app is part of Healing In D.E.P.T.H.™ , DermaRite’s holistic skin and wound care program for facilities. Created to address the primary areas of skin and wound care, each of the program’s four steps supports the next, giving caregivers the tools they need to support healing from without and within.

To download the app for iPhone or iPad, visit iTunes at For Android, visit the Google Play store at To learn more about DermaRite and the Healing In D.E.P.T.H. program, please visit their website at

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