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The DermaRite Value: More Than Skin Deep

Our goal at DermaRite® is to provide exceptional service to our clients – so you can do the same for yours. We provide a comprehensive range of tools and services that, along with our value-based pricing, make us the smart choice for your skin and wound care needs. No other company offers a greater value – for you, your staff, and your residents – than DermaRite®.

Contact your local representative, call or email us to find out how you can take advantage of DermaRites exceptional offerings.

Clinical Services

DermaRite Clinical Services offers an unparalleled level of personalized attention to assist caregivers and help them get the most out of their skin and wound care products. Continuing education ensures that staff is up to date on best practices and ready to provide exceptional care.

How you benefit:

  • Improved product utilization
  • Simple, consistent education for staff
  • Improved resident outcomes
  • Compliance to formulary

Services include:

  • Post-Acute Care Focused Education
    • Accredited CE Provider
    • Webinars, videos and on-site programs
    • Regional Conferences
  • DermaRite Academy e-Learning Center
  • Customized Reference Guides and Clinical Tools
  • Video Product Inservice Training


Below is a small sample of the many useful tools we provide our customers.

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