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A Message To Our Customers Regarding The COVID-19 Pandemic: 4.2.20

As our country enters its second month of the pandemic, we continue to pull together, individually and collectively, to support the health and safety of our customers and those in their care. We want to offer you a brief update

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COVID-19 Resources

Implementation of Mitigation Strategies for communities with Local COVID-19 Transmission. A framework for healthcare settings including nursing homes/longterm care facilities to both prepare for and mitigate community transmission of COVID-19. Click here to access this information. This interim guidance is

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A Message To Our Customers Regarding The COVID-19 Pandemic

As a healthcare company serving our customers for over twenty years, our mission is always to improve the lives of patients and caregivers in any way we can. As our country, and much of the world, faces this extraordinary Covid-19

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Preventing The Spread Of Illness

Good hand hygiene, such as washing hands with warm soapy water, is one of the simplest, most effective ways to prevent illness and the spread of infection especially during cold and flu season. Hand washing is also a tool to

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Are Your Patients/Residents Getting The Proper Nutrition?

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Know Your Dressings: Antimicrobial Foams

Although not well known, an estimated 6.7 million Americans are living with chronic wounds, impacting approximately 1 in 4 families.1,2 Caring for a chronic wound may include the use of absorbent dressings to manage wound drainage. Because chronic wounds often

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Know Your Dressings: Hydrogels

Wounds require adequate moisture to heal. Without sufficient moisture, the wound bed may become dry or desiccated, leading to necrotic wound tissue, which can result in a larger, deeper wound.1 Achieving optimal moisture in the wound is a balancing act,

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Know Your Dressings: Collagen Dressings For Wound Healing

Wound healing occurs as the body naturally restores damaged tissue. Wound healing is a complex series of events and interactions that result in an orderly process with 3 overlapping, yet distinct stages. What interferes with wound healing? Unfortunately, there are

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Know Your Dressings: Calcium Alginates, CMC, and Gelling Fibers

Successful wound care involves selecting the appropriate dressing to optimize the wound healing environment. Dressing selection plays an important role in supporting autolytic debridement and promoting wound healing. 1 Wounds with heavy drainage require dressings that are absorptive, yet still

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Choosing The Right Wound Dressing

A wide variety of advanced wound care products are available to treat wounds, from simple dressing materials to sophisticated products. Selecting a wound dressing requires the clinician to be knowledgeable in both the process of tissue repair during wound healing

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