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Fall COVID-19 Update From Our CEO

As the summer winds down and people are returning to work and school, here is a brief COVID-19-related update on DermaRite’s ongoing efforts on behalf of our customers and staff. With the Delta variant of COVID-19 rapidly spreading throughout the

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Case Studies of Hard-to-Heal Wounds Treated Successfully with an Antimicrobial Foam Dressing

An estimated 6.7 million Americans are living with chronic wounds.1,2 A chronic wound is one that fails to progress through a normal, orderly, and timely sequence of repair, or in which the repair process fails to restore anatomic and functional

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What You Can’t See In Your Hand Soap

Liquid soap dispensers are used by millions daily, but as you reach for the soap dispenser to clean your hands you may want to look at the dispenser itself before pumping. All soap dispensers are not alike, and some can

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A Broader Look At Infection Control In Healthcare Settings

Much of our focus in the year 2020 has been on preventing the spread of COVID-19, but the risks of infection and the need for infection control are not new. In healthcare settings we are continually challenged with preventing the

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September 2020 Update From Our Executive Team

We hope that you and your family are staying healthy and safe. As the pandemic continues to take its toll on the country, we are closely monitoring the impact it is having on the healthcare industry and how we can

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The Wide-Reaching Effect of Social Isolation on Seniors

Socially isolated seniors are at risk for developing dementia at a startling rate of up to 50% and nearly one fourth of adults 65 or older are considered socially isolated.3 Those statistics alone are disheartening, then along comes COVID-19. This

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June Update From Our Executive Team

First and foremost, we hope that you and your families are staying safe and healthy. We are writing to provide you with our most recent perspectives on the Covid-19 pandemic and how we are assisting our customers as they prepare

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A Message To Our Customers Regarding The COVID-19 Pandemic: 4.14.20

Update From Our Executive Officers As we have worked diligently these past weeks to supply acute and post-acute facilities with much-needed supplies, we have seen from up close the dedication and courage of our doctors, nurses, and frontline healthcare workers.

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Autolytic Debridement: A First Line Debridement Method for Virtual Wound Care

The current healthcare crisis with COVID-19 has left many providers scrambling for a way to meet the needs of their residents and patients while physical contact is restricted during the current pandemic. This is certainly true for Wound Care physicians

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A Message To Our Customers Regarding The COVID-19 Pandemic: 4.2.20

As our country enters its second month of the pandemic, we continue to pull together, individually and collectively, to support the health and safety of our customers and those in their care. We want to offer you a brief update

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