Nurses Week

Dear Nurses,

I write to you as someone who understands your role, and truly appreciates it. As someone who understands your pain, and truly empathizes with you. As someone who understands how underappreciated you are at times, and truly wants to educate the world to change that.

On behalf of myself and my Dermarite family, I would like to thank you, from the bottom of our collective heart. We are proud to interact with you on a daily basis, to provide you with the very best in education on products and on the latest advances in skin and wound treatment, and to bring to market the products that make it easier for you to provide the expert and warm care that you give to your patients. I am humbled by the letters and emails that many of you have sent, thanking us for a job well done. In celebration of Nurses Week, I’d like to return that sentiment, and thank you for a job well done. The best products in the world are worthless without you there to apply them. It is only through your tireless care and huge hearts that we have been able to provide the tools to create the quintessential skincare, woundcare, and nutritional supplement formularies that have come to be known as the Dermarite product line.

Dermarite would like to thank you all. In celebration of Nurses Week, I’d like to send a token of appreciation to each of you. I ask that you please send an email to telling us about your favorite Dermarite product, or what you love about Dermarite in general, and I will be happy to send you a gift in recognition of Nurses Week (don’t forget to give your mailing address).

Naftali T. Minzer
DermaRite Industries

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